Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dirty Love Poems... ;)

Haha! Did my title post catch your eye? Well that was what we kind of did in class this week.  Mr.Radzi once again had us exploring our creative juices with fun activities again. Firstly, we were to pick 3 sets of numbers in random. Then from the numbers, we match them up with our respective words. For example, I  chose 10, so number one is represented by the word 'flower' and 0 is represented by the word 'head'.

Next, we were to form sentences out of these two random words. I think I had pretty good words matched up to form decent sentences. After that, we had to illustrate our sentence. Not too tough. was illustrating the two words so that it becomes one. The illustration must represent clearly the two words matched up. Not as easy, but I managed.

Then came the MOST awkward and weird and exciting session. Writing a poem connecting these two words...LOVE and CHILLI.

It doesn't take a genius to know where this will head to...alot of dirty love poems! haha! It was pretty hard for me to write can you write a poem about love and chilli and make it sound innocent??haha!! Maybe its just me. haha!! Then Mr.Radzi had some students read out their poems. Some where good...most of them just plain funny I would say...and there's one guy with the absolutely MOST dirty poem in the class....haha! I won't post it here though. Here is the scanned copy of the activity we did in class.

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